What is the best way of using Excel Macros?

The best ways to use excel macros is limited by your imagination and understanding of VBA. I enjoy automating repetitive tasks and analysis of data. The real fun for me is in creating a strategy as to how how a task could be automated, actually doing it while learning from it. In my excel career I have always looked for ways to make the most out of the program by testing and using the best solutions. In this issue we are going to discuss the best uses for Excel macros.

Manage a Database of < 10,000 Records

For databases less than 10k records it is great. The file sizes are reasonable and the application seems to function well. I imagine that you could hold more records in the database.


Data Entry tool

If you had a variety of data various sources to input into a system, Excel makes it easy to make classify the data into a single source for entry into the receiving system. In other words makes a great data entry tool.



Macros could be used to automate repetitive tasks regarding creation of reports. You can record the macros or program the macros to size up and print as desired.


Complex Calculations 

You can always run a macro to execute a calculation where doing it in a cell is not ideal or practical. You could calculate everything from the radius of a circle to the, mass, volume and more.


We are really just scratching the surface when it comes to what you could do with excel vba. There are a whole lot of things that you could do with a vba macro For me the most joy that I get out of using VBA is combining several concepts together and making it all work like clockwork.

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